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thank you lu-ge for always protecting, babying, caring, cherishing and loving this naughty baby taozi~ all the best wishes for you ♥

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Happy 5th Anniversary 비스트 ! It has been a really long journey filled with many obstacles since debut and i’m really proud to be a b2uty. You guys have shown so many sides of you, whether its your hard work, talent or brotherhood that it makes me look up to the six of you. Having gone through all the criticisms, you guys are becoming even stronger day by day, making B2ST what it is today. There is still a long way to go in your career, and i’ll always look forward to the different genres of music that you guys produce. 5 years, 50 years or even more, b2uty + b2st will always = family!

"For 5 years, 6 members of B2ST, were 1"

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